Height of Arrows Gin


  • Description

    70cl, 43%

    Height of Arrows, is a gin that is distilled from Holyrood's DNA as a whisky maker. Whisky making works with simplicity. Barley, water and yeast. This same mind set has been applied to Height of Arrows and hence a complex gin has been born of simplicity, one botanical, juniper enhance with two modifiers, salt and beeswax. The modifiers add layer, mouthfeel and texture; flavour profiles more commonly associated with whisky. Height of Arrows is a gin that allows gin fans to explore a new direction in modern gin making; one that elevates today's gin drinking experience.

    This product does not contain any of the 14 main allergens. Suitable for vegetarians. Not suitable for vegans.

  • Ingredients

    Neutral Grain Spirit, Juniper, Beeswax and Salt.