Welcome to a remarkable opportunity - the chance to own a very limited edition and bespoke cask of single malt whisky tailored to suit your tastes and flavour preferences.

And not just any cask of whisky . . .

As one of only 100 casks available from the first single malt whisky distillery in Edinburgh for almost 100 years, your customised cask of whisky will be part of history. 

David Robertson

25 years experience working for Diageo, The Edrington Group, Whyte & MacKay

Jack Mayo

Head Distiller and comes to us after three years at Glasgow Distillery.


You can draw on the creativity and experience of our expert distillers Dr Jack Mayo and David Robertson to help you develop your very own bespoke whisky. Like enjoying a dram, this is an experience that’s better shared.

Flavour comes first

Everything we do at Holyrood Distillery comes down to flavour. That's why our unique cask ownership offer lets you decide what your whisky tastes like. In other words, you get exactly the whisky you want, and not just the generic whisky being offered to you. 

From the barley and yeast to the distillation process and type of cask, you're in control of crafting your very own single malt scotch whisky. 

Together you will select

  • How long the barley is dried and roasted
  • Which yeasts to use for fermentation and the length of time
  • The distillation approach, cut points, flow rates and the distillation date
  • Oak species, cask size and previous fill (bourbon, port, sherry, etc) for maturation and date we fill your cask

    Each element allows you to participate in the journey of creating your very own single malt.