With planning permission in place, we have commenced the fund raise for the remainder of the development.  If you are interested in investing please contact us at the email address below.

The proposal is to reintroduce malt distilling to the heart of the Scottish capital after a 90-year absence and build a strong, sought-after, flavour-focused brand alongside a distinctively different visitor experience in a fully operational distillery.

The Directors anticipate that the Company will qualify under the Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS) rules and therefore share subscriptions should attain various tax benefits for Investors, depending on their circumstances. UK taxpayers are expected to be able to benefit from attractive EIS tax relief.

  • Income tax relief is available on 30% of the cost of EIS shares
  • A carry back facility allows all or part of the cost of shares acquired in one tax year to be treated as though those shares had been acquired in the preceding tax year
  • Capital Gains Tax exemption on disposal of qualifying shares
  • Any loss on disposal (net of Income Tax relief given) can be set off against income of the disposal or previous year
  • Unlimited Capital Gains Tax deferral relief
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