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Established in 2019, Holyrood is Edinburgh’s first single malt distillery in almost a century. Our founders had a vision to create a new kind of distillery, one that would reflect the dynamism and diversity of present-day Edinburgh, marrying craft traditions with bold new approaches to flavour.

It is. Edinburgh’s blend of old and new, heritage and innovation, that has inspired us to create something special; whiskies worthy of Scotland’s capital city.



The first step of our journey was to pay homage to the efforts of those
that went before us, and to reconnect Edinburgh with its proud but
often forgotten distilling and brewing past. So, after much research,
we created a historically inspired, yet totally new style of whisky.
Local malts. Edinburgh yeast. And very special casks.


Our Made by Edinburgh casks are now sold out, to register your interest in our cask programme, you can email us at  casks@holyrooddistillery.co.uk , and we’ll keep you updated on any new cask opportunities. 

Our celebration of Edinburgh’s rich distilling and brewing past is to be shared with everyone. Inspired by the history, vibrancy and diversity of this fascinating city, Holyrood’s talented team of distillers has created a cask offering unlike anything that has gone before – all while paying respectful tribute to Edinburgh’s illustrious brewing and distilling heritage.

Get inspired. Download our previous brochure to find out what we’ve done already.

Ready to join us on our journey? Register your interest by emailing casks@holyrooddistillery.co.uk or call +44 (0)131 285 8977