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We’ve just recently launched the Holyrood Distillery Custom Cask Programme - a unique opportunity to not only own a cask of Holyrood Whisky, but also to design it too!

But why should you consider investing in a cask of whisky, particularly one at our distillery? 

Allow us to elaborate with six (we’ve got more if you want to hear them…) reasons why you should at the very least, give it a little thought!


Custom made and bespoke

As I just mentioned, we’re offering you the opportunity to design your whisky from scratch. That means you can select the raw materials, shape your whisky with distillation cut points, and control the eventual flavour with the cask you pick. 

This level of control over your spirit is unique - we’re not aware of any other distillery out there doing this. 


Get your nose picked and tongue tickled

With our “Find Your Flavour” consultations we help you find out exactly what you like and dislike. Working through a series of whisky samples from around the country we poke and prod those taste buds to find out exactly what your flavour is. 

Think of it as a bit like a test driving a car before you take the plunge. This way you can be sure the whisky flavour that you go on to create with us will be one you’re going to love. 


“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest”

This famous quote from Benjamin Franklin is as true now as it was in the 18th century. 

Joining our Custom Cask Programme will help you learn more about whisky, but also about how you “taste” flavour, and what you like and dislike. 

The upshot of all that is, in future you can tell whether a particular whisky is one you’re going to love (or not!).


Be one of the few

The programme has a set number of casks - so this is an exclusive opportunity to select a style that is limited, unusual and different. 

Your sense of taste is individual to you, we think it’s only right that you should have a whisky that’s individual to you too!


Incredible value for money

Consider that in around 10 years when you decide to bottle your whisky you will have around 300 bottles costing you in the region of £45 for a cask strength bottle and roughly £35 for a bottle at 46% abv.  

We think this is terrific value for flavour, as most 10 year single malts are around £35-£40 for 40/43 % abv bottlings!


Join a like minded and friendly community

Join a club of flavour fans and visit our warehouse with them annually for a cask sampling experience - and a chance to try other whisky styles.

We’ve got a Facebook group for our cask owners too so you can get to know each other, find out what style of whisky other people are making, and hopefully make connections with like minded whisky enthusiasts!



Have we done enough to convince you? Drop us an email at, or sign up for our brochure on our Custom Cask Programme page and let’s start talking about your spirit!


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