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Guest post from Laings independent jewellers.

We’re delighted to introduce, Laings. Founded in 1840 they are Scotland’s oldest family jewellers and one of the largest independent jewellers in the UK. With stores in Glasgow, Edinburgh, Southampton and Cardiff, they’ve been helping customers to celebrate special moments for 180 years.

Every individual whisky is fashioned with a distinct DNA, creating exclusive flavours and tasting notes - something we define ourselves by.

In the same way, Laings has its very own DNA that has been crafted over the generations. Although they may seem worlds apart, many of the pillars of whisky and Laings overlap. They share similar values and are unique in their own right.

Whisky, fine jewellery and luxury watches celebrate special moments in life. A dram is poured to mark milestones, in a similar way that a luxury gift does, and both are present at cherished moments throughout our lives. Whether it’s a birthday, an engagement or as part of a magical Christmas, the two often go hand-in-hand.

Here we explore Laings DNA, looking at what makes them special.


First and foremost, Laings is a family business, and a family-feel runs through everything they do. Founded in 1840, Laings is now in the hands of the sixth-generation. With a history spanning 180 years, the luxury jewellers are proud to have remained a family business.

The generations have learned from their years of expertise, continuously building on their experience, looking to the future and dedicating their time to helping every customer find the perfect item to be treasured for many years.


Laings have garnered a valuable reputation as industry experts, and the knowledge of their staff is of utmost importance. Drawing on years of experience, as well as consistently investing in training, customers can fully trust their expertise and advice.

In the same way, we guide visitors through the complex world of whisky, at Laings their knowledgeable team can take jewellery lovers and watch connoisseurs through amazing collections.


High-quality craftsmanship is at the heart of Laings. Over the years, Laings have honed their skills and understand the intricate details that are built into treasured jewellery pieces and luxury watches. Their in-house goldsmiths, designers and watchmakers all ensure that only the best quality work is produced – after all these are pieces to be cherished for generations.

The Laings Experience

Just as visitors to our Distillery are taken on a guided tour, every customer visiting Laings is taken on a luxurious journey. It’s an indulgent experience with five-star customer service, and every request is handled with the utmost care and respect.

They understand that often, customers are shopping for a significant purchase that has sentimental meaning. Laings are honoured to become part of this special moment, celebrating with you and becoming part of the story.

Festive shopping

Whisky and luxurious presents are synonymous with Christmastime. Over the years Laings have been part of countless Christmas stories, and truly understand the magic of a treasured gift.

Throughout their history, they’ve helped customers find the perfect pieces for those they cherish. Although the festive season may look a little different this year, no matter if we’re near or far the spirit of Christmas can continue, and the sparkle of a Laings gift will always shine.

Over the festive season, Laings will continue to make shopping with them as easy as possible, being there every step of the way. Laingsuk.com will always remain open, and as well as their reliable online service with home delivery, they will also be offering a Click and Collect service. Their knowledgeable and experienced Online Customer Service team are available to help with any purchase queries and can help to make special purchases from the comfort of home.

They’ll be there for you in every way they can, helping you to select pieces that will be cherished for generations, sparkling joy through the festive season and beyond.

Looking for a special gift? Shop Christmas at Laings.


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Guest post from Laings independent jewellers.

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